002ndResizedThis style (CB-1) will feature either a high polish or satin finish, sterling silver edge with a hand-hammered copper center with a large concave, sterling silver bail to accommodate most chains or cords. Our optional 4mm adjustable satin cord will fit this style. The over-all diameter is near 1 ½” (37.4mm) and the diameter of the center copper disk is 1 1/32” (26.1mm).  A button between 5/8″ and 1″ in diameter (size of a US quarter) would best fit this mounting.  If contemplating a button with a shank (metal stitching eyelet) that can’t be larger than 6.5mm at its widest point.  If the mounting instructions included with the item are followed, no harm comes to the button.  This allows the one to change the button for a different look. The pendant bail on this piece can accommodate a chain or cord that is no wider or larger than 7/32” (5.5mm)  US $82.00, INTRO PRICE $62.00. Specify either satin or high-polish finish.  We decided to remove the black antiquing on the bail for a sleeker look.  Click on image to enlarge. A neck cord is not included. See Home for cord options. Sample buttons for idea/display purposes only. If you would like an idea on how your button of choice looks on the setting, then right-click on photo and follow the options to print it or save to desktop and print later. You may have to adjust your browser’s magnification to have the printed copy come close to the actual size. As mentioned the over-all diameter of this style is 37.46mm or 1.48″ (about 1 7/16″)  YOU MAY WANT TO ASK OR LOOK FOR CLOSEOUTS/BLEMS AT A LOWER PRICE POINT. CONTACT VIA EMAIL OR SEE WEBSITE UNDER THAT OPTION.

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