T C-1T 001resized Featured here is our twist, 4mm diameter, rayon satin cord with sterling silver end pieces that adjusts from approx. 19” to 14”.  This eliminates the need to have an assortment of cords or chains of various lengths in order to accommodate different neck sizes and clothing neck-lines.  This is a quality designed product.  We have seen too many glued-in products with foil-thin end caps and flimsy connectors fail with a short period of use. We also chose rayon satin over leather or rubber because these other materials can possess coloring dyes, processing treatments, accumulate body skin cells and oils, etc. that may cause a skin irritation or emit a disagreeable odor. Also,over time leather and rubber can become hard or brittle and tend to crack. The rayon satin cord can be gently hand-washed in cool water and mild soap to keep it fresh. In order to use this cord with other pieces you may already own, the opening in the bail or ring that the cord will pass through, will need to be 3/16” (4.8mm) or more to accommodate the end caps or else it will not pass through. This cord is not suitable for pieces with sharp edges or for someone who has to constantly “fiddle” with their jewelry by sliding it back-and-forth over a chain or cord.  Satin can fray with abuse. The good news is that the hand-made, sterling attachment mechanism is quite sturdy, that if ever need be, a new cord can be retro-fitted by us for a fee or by a competent crafts-person. US $65.00    INTRO PRICE : US $48.00   Currently: Available in Black or Tan/Ivory/Blue

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