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CONDITION TO COMPLETE A SALE:  The purchaser agrees to keep any of the supplied mounting hardware out of the reach of small children or incapacitated adults. These items could potentially be a chocking or scratching hazard.

AVAILABILITY: Each one is hand-made and what’s currently available is listed after each style. Since this is not a primary occupation, we cannot take orders at this time to meet any specific need or deadline. In some instances we can custom fit a button to one of the available mountings for a small additional fee. (Postage to and from is assumed by the customer.) It is best to periodically check for availability if sold out. We will try to be somewhat consistent with the supply. AT THIS TIME WE WILL ONLY SHIP TO THE USA. Once we work out what it takes to ship to Canada, Australia and Great Britain we will include that option.

PAYMENT and SHIPPING:  Secure payment is available through a secure credit card gateway.(PayPal for now).   All items will be sent USPS Priority Mail in a box, not in an envelope, to minimize any potential mis-handling that could result in damage to the item.  If the mounting were to become dented or crushed it cannot be repaired. Also Priority Mail includes tracking.  We generally mail on Fri. or Sat.  The prices shown do not include the shipping. In general, shipping adds about $6.90 to $7.55/box. The box is large enough to place several pieces into it. The shipping charge is not per piece. The prices are subject to change without notice due to fluctuating world precious metal prices. We will make the attempt to keep the prices stable. The introductory prices will be available for a short time period.

RETURN POLICY:   14 days from date of purchase.  A 15% refinishing-restocking fee may apply if lightly scratched from wear.  Badly damaged, gouged or deeply scratched mountings from attempting to fit a button, do not qualify for a full refund.  They will have to be scrapped.  If you have any questions about a fit, email us at the contact email below.  We check that twice a week.

CONTACT:  buttonmounting@gmail.com

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