We may have several pieces on-hand with blems or were made as experimental proto-types for further discounting.  Being hand-made they can vary.  Not every cake or turkey comes out of the oven the way one wants.  Please inquire about availability. We would be happy to send you pictures and a description as to why we feel they are blems. They will face-up well and most of the issues are on the back-side.  They will come inscribed with a Roman Numeral 2 (II) to indicate they are a “second” or blem. You would be billed directly through PayPal and not through the Cart option.  Once they’re gone, that’s it.

CO-1 First Prototype $69.00. Nothing wrong with this one. We decided to make them a little deeper or thicker after this one.

This one was an early prototype where the four small holes would have been used to sew a button to the disk. Price for this one is $47.50. The original picture with the buffalo button for the website is this mounting.

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