002resized   For vintage or collectible buttons, re-purposed and steam-punk considerations, we are offering a hand-fabricated, solid sterling silver disk with a hand-hammered copper center in order to be able to wear most vintage or collectible buttons. The copper and sterling silver will oxidize and wear-scratch nicely to create a depth-enhancing patina. Each piece will develop uniquely over time because not everyone has the same body chemistry. No copper touches the skin so there should be no skin reacting with a green discoloration.

Three general styles are currently available and since they are hand-made, each piece will vary slightly. The one shown in this photo is a completed sample with our unique rayon satin cord that adjusts from 20”- 14”, a hand-set Swarovski ™ 2.0mm cubic zirconia and a de-circulated buffalo nickel that was made into a button by someone years ago.

Your button of choice would go where the buffalo button is currently placed. You can change the look by changing the button. Match it to outfits.  When experimenting with different buttons we were amazed how the personality or character changed.  Since the look can be altered with a different button, there is great use-value with the piece.  You'll have it for years.  Mounting instructions and hardware are included and if followed, there should be no harm to the button.  Most buttons should be able to be mounted onto the copper disk as long as the dimensions are properly considered.  See each of the style descriptions below for best sizes.

Looking for something borrowed, old and new for your wedding day?  Get a vintage button from an endeared person and mount it.  You'll have a personalized piece of jewelry for your special day.  Would also make unique attendants gifts.  You could even take a button from a piece of clothing of a departed loved-one and in-turn make a treasured memorial or commemorative piece. A modern interpretation of Victorian Mourning Jewelry.  Questions? Contact buttonmounting@gmail.com

Availability/Payment Terms - AVAILABILITY, PAYMENT and TERMS: CONDITION TO COMPLETE A SALE:  The purchaser agrees to keep any of the supplied mounting hardware out of the reach of small children or incapacitated adults. These items could potentially be a chocking or scratching hazard. AVAILABILITY: Each one is hand-made and what’s currently available is listed after each style. Since […]

CONTACT:  buttonmounting@gmail.com with any questions.