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This style has now been discontinued.  There may be a few “blems” at discounted prices in the Closeout Section of the Home page.  This style (CB-1) will feature a satin finished, sterling silver edge with a hand-hammered copper center with a large concave, sterling silver bail to accommodate most chains or cords. Our optional 4mm adjustable satin cord will fit this style. The over-all diameter is near 1 ½” (37.4mm) and the diameter of the center copper disk is 1 1/32” (26.1mm).  A button between 5/8″ and 1″ in diameter would best fit this mounting.  If contemplating a button with a stitching eyelet, that can’t be larger than 6.5mm at its widest point.  The pendant bail on this piece can accommodate a chain or cord that is no wider or larger than 7/32” (5.5mm) US $82.00 INTRO PRICE: $62.00 Click on image to enlarge. Sample buttons and neck cord are not included.  See products list for options.