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  Presented here is a solid, sterling silver button mounting done in a filigree style that can accommodate larger buttons than the other two styles. The filigree presentation is reminiscent of a stained-glass rose window.  Your button selection will complete the look and color it to however you wish.  Change the button and you have a new look.  (When we experimented with different buttons, we were amazed how the presentation changed to create a piece with different character).  The piece is about 1 7/16″ in diameter overall and the bail can accommodate cords or chains of around 4.8mm in diameter.  This particular bail can even accommodate flat chains because it is longer in its opening than the other styles.(4.8mm x 6mm)  Shown here, the piece is displayed with the optional tri-colored cord.  The smallest button size in diameter to look balanced is about 5/8” and the largest would be around 1 1/4″ to 1 3/8″ in diameter.  If contemplating a button with a stitching eyelet, that can’t be larger than 6mm or 1/4″. US $137.00  INTRO PRICE $93.00  Click on picture to enlarge.  Buttons and neck cords are not included.  See HOME for a products listing of cord options.